Missouri Birding -See a vast array of birds on your Missouri Vacation including the Belted Kingfisher.

Missouri Birding, Missouri Bird Watching
in the Arcadia Valley Region and Black River Recreation Area

Bird watching, often called birding has quickly become the most popular spectator sport in America.  Anyone at any age can participate in this rewarding activity.  Of the over 800 species found in North America, over 400 different kinds of birds have been identified in Missouri. 

The reason for this abundance of birds is open space and the diversity of habitat.  Our region is near St. Louis and is undoubtedly one of the best areas in Missouri for bird watching.  Come for a week or a weekend. Our vast oak-hickory forests and pure rivers, streams and lakes provide homes for a multitude of birds any season of the year. Whether hiking, biking, or boating in our region you will see songbirds, birds of prey and quite possibly the majestic American Bald Eagle.  The birds represented on this page are just a few of the species found in our region.  Whether you choose to observe from your canoe while floating on the Black River, or choose to observe them while hiking in our numerous state or national parks and conservation areas, we are certain that you will be thrilled to see this vast array not normally seen in the urban backyards of Missouri.  Don't forget your binoculars and birding field guide when you're packing for your Misouri Vacation!

Please see our recreation pages to find the best places in our region to go bird watching. 

The beautiful Indigo Bunting "Mourning Dove" or American Woodcodk

For a comprehensive listing of Missouri birds, please see the annotated checklist compiled by the Audubon Society of Missouri at this link.

Cedar Waxwing Piliated Woodpecker Eastern Meadowlark

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Baby Owl snapped at Koinania Cottage.

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Great Blue Herons
Great Crested FlycatcherBald Eagle
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Missouri Birds

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