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Hadley's New Stoneage Jewelry
Hwy AA, Iron County, MO
Owners:  Mark and Rita Hadley  573-546-7331

“I Had A Dream” that is truly how this unique stone was discovered in my own backyard after I saw myself digging there in a dream. “Dreamstone” has excellent properties and is rated 5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, which is significantly harder than unaltered dolomite. We have worked with this stone since developing a special “bead and button” style that is simple and beautiful. This new stone-age jewelry can be purchased in our Missouri Dreamstone Gallery that is located 5 miles from Hogan on Highway AA or 8 miles from Lesterville on U Highway. Turn at the tree with Christmas ornaments, then proceed ½ mile to the stone house.  Please call ahead at 573-546-7331 as we could be back in the mountain or conducting one of our educational solar energy power plant tours. Learn more about us at

Plunder Palace, Ironton, MO

601 Front St. (right off of Highway 21)
Owner:   573-546-7172

There's just no telling what kind of treasures you might find while plundering from top to bottom, side to side and all throughout the brimming shelves, tables and walls of the Plunder Palace. You'll have a blast pillaging through the many valuable objects that have been gathered together under the roof of "The Home of the Finest Junk in the World". Start the quest for whatever you're seeking ~ from antique photos, frames, vintage bottles, tools, or knick-knacks, to crocks, books, collectibles and much, much, more.   This is where all the loot is very reasonably priced.  Plunder Palace, on Front Street right off of Highway 21 ~ It just might be the beginning of the end of your hunt for all those soon to be cherished items you've been searching for.

Taum Sauk Traders, Ironton, MO
146 S. Main
Owner:   Butch Callahan   573-546-2438 (by appointment only)

Located in the old 5 & 10 store at 146 S. Main in Ironton, Taum Sauk Traders has something to satisfy a variety of tastes. There is a “potpourri” of items, from rods and reels and old lures to please the fisherman in your life, to toys, books, urns, jewelry, glass items and an array of other collectibles and artifacts.  Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a friend, we buy, sell and trade what you need.

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